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Holy Toledo '23

Seafood at Sunset

I was honored to be invited to the Holy Toledo as the featured Chef! I was gifted the opportunity to showcase the absolutely INCREDIBLE seafood that our local coast has to offer. I was also blessed to meet an inspiring community of women dedicated to seafood sustainability.


Camp Mom at your service.

Proud to help serve hundreds of nomads every year by caring for the hardworking staff and volunteers.

148439130_857419885044381_817364639260591606_n (1).jpg

4th Place Finalist

Favorite Chef Competition

I was honored to land 4th finalist in my group out of hundreds of contestants.

Pop Up Holiday Shop

Featured Food Artist

As the Featured Food Artist for three years running, we were honored to have a chance to showcase our very favorite items.


Executive Chef

Sister's Saloon

Our short time at the Salon allowed us to make some significant menu changes, adjust a few recipes, and connect with the Sisters Community.

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